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Dynamic External URLs

Created: September 6, 2017

This week's example looks at how we generate dynamic links in our List of search results. The example showed how to generate the NetSuite URL for a specific record.

This technique can be used just as well for external URLs as well. Perhaps you have an integration built, and you want your search results to show a link directly to the same record in the integrated system. All we have to do is modify our base URL and the URL parameters we're sending.

For instance, perhaps you have that system located at, and the typical path to a Project in that system is like

It is common to store the ID of a record from an external system in NetSuite's externalid field, so we would just need to update our URL ListColumn like so:

  id: 'recordurl',
  type: ui.FieldType.URL,
  label: 'Project Link'
  url: ''
  param: 'projectid',
  value: 'externalid',
  dynamic: true

And that's it! We'd have dynamic links to our external system.