Accelerate your SuiteScript Skills

Are you a NetSuite professional ready to invest in expanding your SuiteScript skills? Have you been floundering around on search engines looking for SuiteScript content and coming up empty? I've got you covered.

I offer several books, workshops, and coaching options to guide you in your SuiteScript journey.

For any questions about which might be the best fit for you, I'm always just one email away at


Weekly SuiteScript Coaching Sessions - $499 / month

Are you all-in on SuiteScript? Want to truly accelerate your career as a NetSuite developer and stand out in the community? Get weekly calls with me and unlimited 1-on-1 Slack access.

I'll provide you with consistent accountability and guidance through your obstacles, towards your goals.

Email me to crank your SuiteScript career to 11.

Monthly SuiteScript Coaching Sessions - $299 / month

Looking for the occasional SuiteScript guidance without the intensity of week-after-week accountability? I'll provide you with actionable advice to expand your skills and advance your career, and we'll check in on your progress monthly in a private call. You'll also have unlimited 1-on-1 Slack access to me.

Your journey starts now with an email to me.

Sustainable SuiteScript Coaching Community - $99 / month

Need regular SuiteScript advice, but don't have the time or cash for a personal mentor? Join my private Slack community for instant access to me, other SuiteScript experts, and other students looking to learn just like you.

Build your skills and your network at the same time.

Email me for access today.

One-Time One-on-Ones

Sometimes you just need fast help on a specific problem without the long-term guidance or accountability.

SuiteScript Code Teardown - $2,499

Built a script that isn't working the way you expected? Inherited some SuiteScript that's giving you headaches? Had a contractor build something, but aren't quite sure you got what you paid for?

Get recommendations on improving the quality, scalability, and performance of a SuiteScript customization or SuiteApp.

You'll get an in-depth code review from me in one business week. I'll identify issues and provide recommendations for topics including:

  • opportunities for new features or extensions
  • potential bugs or problems at scale
  • how you might adjust your design for easier long-term maintenance
  • where you can optimize your code for better performance or user experience

Watch some example Teardowns for what you might expect from one of my Teardowns.

Email me to schedule your Teardown.

Technical Design Review - $999

Are you about to present an important client with your design for a major project, but want to make sure you have no blind spots? A second pair of experienced eyes can elevate your project

Get higher confidence in your technical designs and proposals with a Technical Design Review. In one afternoon, we'll review your design together, and I'll provide my insights on:

  • problem areas that might derail your approach
  • known limitations you might run up against
  • unclear components that might cause confusion down the line
  • performance and scalability pitfalls
  • maintainability concerns

Email me to de-risk your designs before you ever write a line of code.

Get Me Unstuck - $299

Have an obscure problem in your code that you just can't seem to identify? Need an answer to a single burning question?

Spend an hour with me, and I'll get you racing forward again.

Operational Intensives

SuiteScript projects consistently running over budget? Does it take weeks - or months - to release anything new? Can you easily roll back changes when something goes wrong?

Get actionable recommendations for removing the inefficiencies in your development process and for empowering your developers to deliver massive value to your clients or users in a timely manner.

Operational Intensives are $10,000 and require one full business week dedicated to collaboration.

To begin the application process for an Intensive, email me.

SuiteScript by Example Books

As part of my "SuiteScript by Example" content, I've written several digital books which are jam-packed with real-world, practical code examples.

Check them out.