SuiteScript Cookbooks

Learn SuiteScript by Example, not Trial and Error

"Documentation is often wrong or not detailed. Would be useful to see functional examples of more aspects of SuiteScript."
"Lack of learning resources. The official documentation is poor, requires a NS login, has errors, is incomplete..."
"... having more code examples would be the most helpful for me."

In order to help you learn, remember, and ultimately master the fundamental concepts of NetSuite Development, these SuiteScript Cookbooks have been created as real-world, example-focused SuiteScript references for SuiteScript 2.0.

Each Cookbook contains between 6 and 10 examples to help you learn and apply a particular module or aspect of SuiteScript development.

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Basic Searching

Learn fundamental structures for effective searches with the N/search module.

Basic Querying

Build Analytics Workbook Queries using the N/query module.

Working with Files

Interact with the File Cabinet using SuiteScript's N/file module.

Advanced Searching

Learn advanced methods for building complex data sets with SuiteScript Searches.

Rendering PDFs

See the ins and outs of NetSuite's PDF engine with the N/render module.

Basic Optimization Patterns

See quick techniques for reducing the amount of time and governance you use.

Transaction Searches

Master the nuances and quirks that come specifically from Transaction Searches.

Sending Email

Learn how to send notifications and communications with the N/email module.

Need more structure?

For more guided learning, check out the SuiteScript Self-Study Curriculum. Get started on your SuiteScript journey with over 10 pages of links, videos, references, and more - all presented in a logical order to ramp up your NetSuite Development knowledge.

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