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Dynamic External URLs pt 2

Created: September 7, 2017

Yesterday we expanded on this week's example by adding dynamic external URLs to our search result List. Perhaps your external system has more of a RESTful URL pattern. Rather than using URL parameters, your system may use a more path-like structure to access resources.

For instance, perhaps you have that system located at, and the typical path to a Project in that system is like

It is common to store the ID of a record from an external system in NetSuite's externalid field, so we would need to employ the dynamic property of setURL:

  id: 'recordurl',
  type: ui.FieldType.URL,
  label: 'Project Link'
  url: 'recordurl',
  dynamic: true

Then we would update our data source to set the recordurl field correctly:

function resultToObject(result) {
  return {
    recordurl: '' +
    // ...

And that's it! We'd have another style of dynamic links to our external system.