Build an effective, sustainable SuiteScript practice

Are your SuiteScript projects consistently exceeding your time, budget, and stress limits? 

Deliver your SuiteScript projects on time, increase your team's profitability, and ensure your clients come back for more work.

Learn to build an effective onboarding process for your NetSuite development team

As part of this course, you'll get ideas for how to:

  1. change your hiring process - and mindset - to bring in the right talent
  2. create an onboarding program that generates the SuiteScript skills you need, quickly
  3. implement best practices of source control to streamline SuiteScript delivery

About Me

I've been a leading SuiteScript developer and strategist since 2013.

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Every year, I donate 5-10% of my revenue to various charities and organizations which tackle crucial issues of our time:

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