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Shane Crenshaw

Shane Crenshaw (SuiteScript Developer)

I know an almost infinite amount more due to you and your coaching than I would have.

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The best way to begin learning SuiteScript with me is to sign up for my free Sustainable SuiteScript series. This initial sequence of emails will get you started writing your first SuiteScript and contains some of my best advice for getting started as a NetSuite developer.

Along the way, you'll see several more resources you can use to increase your SuiteScript knowledge and improve your professional skills.

If you have any questions or would be interested in SuiteScript coaching, email me directly.

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Lea Celosa Columna

Lea Celosa Columna (SuiteScript Developer)

Having competent technical skills is one thing but having the ability to teach it is an entirely different skill set. Eric has both. He articulates the subject well in a way that anyone with any level of knowledge could understand. He can answer various questions about the topic off the top of his head. When you speak to him, you can sense that mentoring and coaching are his innate qualities. No one can teach SuiteScript better than Eric. No one. If you're looking for a SuiteScript coach, Eric is the guy. I can't think of anyone else.
Danny Mashburn

Danny Mashburn (SuiteApp Developer)

This program has made getting started in SuiteScript 2.0 a lot faster than I expected, with a lot less banging my head against the wall.
Alieno Torres

Alieno Torres (SuiteScript Developer)

... it worth the investment, specially when you are stuck or with a problem you just come here ask and BOOM problem solved ...

About me

I've been a full-time NetSuite Developer since 2012. Back then, getting started as a NetSuite developer was stressful, confusing, and filled with frustrating trial and error. Sadly, it hasn't gotten much better since.

Eric T Grubaugh

I founded Stoic Software in 2016 to help others just like you lead successful, sustainable careers as NetSuite developers without all the trial and error. In that time, I've guided hundreds of NetSuite developers towards better skills, higher confidence, and stronger careers in SuiteScript.

If you're trying to break into NetSuite development, but you're as lost and frustrated as I was all those years ago, I'm here to help. I can help you smoothly transition into SuiteScript development and accelerate from there.

Join me for free and get started today.