The BAR for netsuite development is too low

The most effective software development teams in the world have reached the top by mastering five key areas:

  1. Attracting Top Talent: identifying, hiring, and onboarding new developers
  2. Cultivating Valuable Expertise: tightening their focus to solving the critical problems of a narrow niche
  3. Developing the Team: evaluating and leveling up existing developers
  4. Executing with Quality: planning, estimating, and delivering impactful software
  5. Automating Best Practices: implementing processes, tools, and automation for higher quality software

There's no reason your NetSuite development firm shouldn't be employing these same practices for higher quality, more enjoyable software work.

My name is Eric T Grubaugh, and I've created everything you see on this site to help the leaders of SuiteScript teams improve their decision-making process in those crucial team-building areas. I've used this Sustainable SuiteScript framework to help NetSuite Development teams:

  • reduce developer turnover,
  • increase quality and efficiency in software delivery, and
  • build a more effective, engaged development team

Together, my clients and I reach those outcomes through three primary means:

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