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One man's ill-advised attempt to make change in the NetSuite development space.


Instead of providing you any answers lately, I’ve largely been asking you questions. That means my publishing has been a little on the lighter side recently, but it’s for a good reason! Through your replies and your conversations, I’m continually improving my understanding of your perspective and situation within the SuiteScript niche. Thank you to

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Sustainable SuiteScript Workshops and Community of Practice Coming Soon

Software is never finished; clients are always changing and re-prioritizing. NetSuite is ever a moving target – always updating and evolving. Market forces are always shifting and shoving, forcing new demands on your business. Your employees should never be done learning, adapting, and developing skills, habits, and processes. All of this change is inevitable. You’ll

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You’ll never be done

Leadership is lonely – especially in a tiny development niche like NetSuite. As a leader working in a fast-paced, small organization often forces you to wear too many hats, to make difficult compromises, and to make strategic decisions quickly with limited information or resources. The relatively quiet and closed nature of our space only compounds

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Gauging Interest in a Community of Practice for SuiteScript Leadership

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