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The Rabbit Hole

Created: October 17, 2017

Chris Ferdinandi is a colleague of mine who coaches people to be better "vanilla" (standard) JavaScript developers. Today he posted an article about checking if two Arrays are equal which I think is a great read for you, even if you don't actually need to know how to make this check.

The article is a very detailed walkthrough on how to evolve an algorithm; you should be employing this same kind of thinking as you develop your own SuiteScript processes and systems. You don't always need all the information up front. Always look for opportunities to improve, refactor, and optimize, and seize those opportunities whenever appropriate to the project.

It's also an excellent case study of how a seemingly simple question can have an extremely complicated answer. You will see this all the time as a SuiteScript developer. Your bosses or stakeholders from the business will have a question or a problem that, in their mind, has a trivial solution, but you will find that the answer in SuiteScript is very nuanced and complex. You'll need to be able to explain that in a way that makes sense to them.

You can find the article on Chris' site: