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You'll never be done

Created: March 2, 2021

Software is never finished; clients are always changing and re-prioritizing.

NetSuite is ever a moving target - always updating and evolving.

Market forces are always shifting and shoving, forcing new demands on your business.

Your employees should never be done learning, adapting, and developing skills, habits, and processes.

All of this change is inevitable. You'll have a miserable time trying to fight it, and you'll lose that fight regardless. Leadership means building organizational resiliency, but resilience and resistance are not the same.

Which is more resilient - the stone or the water? The stone might hold its ground, pushing back the stream for a time, but eventually it will be ground into powder by the water flowing around it.

Is your team the stagnant stone or the flowing water?

Leadership means enabling resiliency and adaptability, and leadership is never complete.