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Line Filters in SuiteScript

Created: July 18, 2017

In addition to mainline I mentioned several sublist line filters in this week's exploration of Transaction Searches.


  • Main Line
  • Shipping Line
  • Tax Line
  • COGS Line

I showed an example that utilized all of these filters in the UI, but I did not show the corresponding script.

Here is what that same filter setup looks like in SuiteScript:

  type: s.Type.SALES_ORDER,
  filters: [
    ['mainline', s.Operator.IS, false], 'and',
    ['taxline', s.Operator.IS, false], 'and',
    ['shipping', s.Operator.IS, false], 'and',
    ['cogs', s.Operator.IS, false]

This Search will provide one result per Item line from every Sales Order in your account.

You can of course find all of these Filters in the Records Browser page for the "Transaction" Record Type; no need to memorize them.