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12 Main Line for Transaction Searches

Created: July 17, 2017

In this edition, we continue our exploration of NetSuite Searches by looking at a general NetSuite concept called the mainline search filter.

To coincide with this series of articles on Searching, I have also created a series of SuiteScript cookbooks focused on Searching. If you are tired of NetSuite's unrealistic or broken examples, then these cookbooks are for you.

Our investigation today doesn't require a lot of code; we'll mostly be demonstrating the behaviour of Transaction searches in the UI. For that reason, I believe this concept is best explored through the associated video:

The mainline filter is critical to building useful Transaction Searches in NetSuite; if you're looking to accelerate your mastery of searching in SuiteScript with realistic, fully functioning examples, check out my Searching with SuiteScript cookbooks.