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Discretionary Time

Created: July 19, 2017

Perhaps this makes me lazy, but I despise doing work that I don't need to, or feel I shouldn't have to. I'd much prefer to delegate such tasks, or - even better - automate them.

This week I'm getting a sprinkler system installed in my backyard. For the last year I've spent about 2-4 hours per week out there fidgeting with manual sprinklers, trying my best to get optimal water coverage so the lawn doesn't burn up. Knowing full well this is a very privileged, first-world problem to have, it still frustrated me to no end because it is not, in my view, a worthwhile way to spend my time. I don't measure my wealth by the balance in my bank account, but rather by the amount of discretionary time I have. Watering my lawn manually is not the way I want to spend my time on this planet.

When you are comfortable and confident with SuiteScript, you have all of the tools you'll need to automate the repetitive, low-value tasks your organization performs in NetSuite. With the full power of SuiteScript at your hands, what could you automate that would make your job less painful? What could you automate to make your boss's life easier? How much time could you free up to work on far more valuable - and thus, more profitable - problems for your company, or your clients?