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Your Critical Components of Success?

Created: September 19, 2020

In late 2012, I joined a small SuiteScript team wherein I would receive my daily tasks via Post-It Notes stuck to my monitor, and all of our source code from across dozens of clients was stored on the same branch within a single source control repository. Over the next 4 years, we completely overhauled our development operations by implementing tightly integrated source control, project management, documentation, and communication systems.

More important than all the tools we implemented was the complete overhaul of our organizational mindset. We intentionally and methodically transitioned from looking at ourselves as a rag-tag band of coders to believing we were a strong team of talented engineers.

Having briefly covered the basics of source control, I intend to start examining the critical components of a successful, high-performing SuiteScript team, and in order to do that well, I want to hear from you!

How has your team evolved or stagnated? What have you found to be the cornerstones of success on your team? What are the biggest obstacles to that success?