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Source Control is the foundation

Created: September 18, 2020

With extraordinary timing, we seem to have reached a critical mass of responses on the source control survey.


Over the week I've talked about why source control is important and about the basics of using it, but that is truly just the beginning. Source control is a strong foundation on which software teams can build some truly powerful tools. Here are just a few ideas off the top:

  • Project Management tools can monitor commit messages to automatically link code changes to specific tasks/issues and update project statuses
  • Continuous Integration tools can monitor source control to automatically run tests, merge code, generate documentation, and much more
  • Continuous Deployment tools can monitor source control to automatically deploy code to specific environments

NetSuite is mission-critical for anyone using it. Your level of responsibility and accountability when customizing NetSuite cannot be taken lightly. But, if you're not even using source control to its full potential, you're not only missing out on massive efficiency and quality of life improvements, you're actively exposing yourself, your team, your company, and your clients to incredible risk.

Demand better from yourself and your team.

What has your team been able to accomplish with source control as a backbone?