Email Course: Planning your Source Control strategy for SuiteScript

This email course was written by me - Eric T Grubaugh

I've been working with SuiteScript since 2012, and in that time I've helped dozens of teams establish and enhance their usage of source control for NetSuite development. Through that experience, I've seen several viable strategies grounded in industry conventions and adapted for the unique NetSuite ecosystem.

Source control is far more than a backup system; used properly, it is a tool for alleviating many of the challenges any SuiteScript team will face and the foundation for automating your development conventions.

This course aims to provide you with the context and resources necessary for planning out your own source control strategy suitable for your team.

Course Outline

By entering your email address below, you'll receive a sequence of emails, one per day, that will help you to answer the following questions for your own team:

  1. Why use source control?
  2. Where do you store your code? How do you access it?
  3. How do your developers collaborate on code?
  4. How do you track the history of code?
  5. How do you identify important snapshots of your code? How do you roll back to those snapshots if necessary?
  6. How do you avoid disturbing Production code - and each other?
  7. How do you consolidate new code?
  8. How do you deal with environmental drift?

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