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These are the tools I use every day to coach and write SuiteScript, to create content, to run a business, and to manage my life.

Check out uses.tech for a big list of everyone's /uses pages.

Full disclosure: None of these are affiliate links because I am not a good little capitalist.

Image of Eric's Desk in early 2024


I sit on a Herman Miller Mirra2 chair at a 60" Herman Miller Sit-Stand desk. I've had these since 2016, and they have been worth every penny.

Desktop PC

I custom-build my own PC every 7 or so years. Currently, I'm running:

  • CPU: Intel i9 7980XE
  • GPU: EVGA GeForce RTX 3080Ti
  • RAM: 32GB
  • OS: Windows 10 Pro

I use two 1440p 27" Asus ROG PG278QR monitors. They are mounted on a Varidesk dual-monitor arm.

My mouse is a Razer Naga Trinity. I love all the programmable thumb buttons of an MMO mouse.

I clack on a Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard.

In 2023, I purchased an Elgato Stream Deck Plus for even more programmable buttons and dials. This has been a huge productivity boost, particularly when recording and editing videos.


On the go, I take a Framework 12th Gen laptop. Hurray for the Right to Repair!

Recording Stuff

I use a Sennheiser Profile USB mic mounted on a Sennheiser boom arm.

Because I have the Stream Deck Plus, I can run my mic audio through Elgato's Wave Link software to make it sound pretty. I used to use OBS Studio for this.

My camera is a Logitech c920 mounted on a KDD Webcam Stand.

I use Camtasia for recording and editing videos.

For lighting, I use two Dazzne desk-mount LED panels.

I use either a SteelSeries Arctis Pro headset or Shure SE215 in-ear monitors.


Perhaps not what you think of when you think "productivity", I hand-write nearly all of my notes and my daily schedule before transitioning them to a digital system. I write almost exclusively with uniball JETSTREAM ballpoints, and I write in either Moleskine Classic notebooks or New Leaf Green Notes memo books (the dotted Ash version).

Notion is the digital system I use to manage my entire life - personal and professional. This is hands-down the most impactful piece of software I've ever used for any purpose. It is my calendar, my TODO list, my knowledge management, my project management, my note-taking, and more all in one place.

Dev Stuff

Firefox is my primary browser, and duckduckgo is my primary search engine.


WebStorm is my IDE; I write all of my code there, whether SuiteScript or website or anything else (I'm composing this page in WebStorm right now).

For light-weight text edits, I use Notepad++.

For a terminal, I use WSL2 running an Ubuntu image; I use the bash shell because I've never learned anything else 👀


I use git for all my source control. I primarily use gitlab and once in a while github.

I use Slack for professional chat.

I use Google Workspace for email and calendar.

For email marketing, I use Drip.


All of my SuiteScript projects use node and npm with the official @oracle/suitecloud-cli

To unit test my SuiteScript, I use Jest with the official @oracle/suitecloud-unit-testing, and suitecloud-unit-testing-stubs for all my mocking needs.

I use the StandardJS ruleset for eslint so that I never have to think about or debate my linting rules.

I use JSDoc to document all my SuiteScript.

Despite its end-of-life status, moment.js is my go-to library for dates and times since most of the libraries that supersede it do not yet work in NetSuite.

When I don't want to reinvent an Array iteration method or write an Object polyfill, I use lodash.

Books, Podcasts, and Other Media

In order to generate more of my own ideas and content, I've made a concerted effort to dramatically cut down the time I spend consuming other people's ideas. That said, here are a whole bunch of people, shows, and sources I've "used" in the past that have genuinely improved my career and life.

Dev Stuff

Business Stuff

Productivity Stuff