Happy New Year

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The end of the year always invokes a reflectiveness in most of us, and I am no exception. That said, I’ve already published my 2020 Year in Review in podcast form, so I’ll spare you the melancholy yet hopeful rant you’re already seeing everywhere else.

Instead, I simply want to express some gratitude to you for being here, reading my thoughts, and joining the conversation. In 2021, I want to be having a lot more of these conversations directly with you. I’m not a resolutions person, so I’m just stating what I’ll be doing, which is reaching out and being available.

It is dreadfully easy and completely free to get on my calendar if you’d like advice on building a calmer, healthier SuiteScript practice. No sales pitch; just straightforward advice and maybe some painful questions about the obstacles you’re facing.

You can also just hit reply.

Happy New Year!


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