March 7, 2021

Sustainable SuiteScript Workshops and Community of Practice Coming Soon

Instead of providing you any answers lately, I’ve largely been asking you questions. That means my publishing has been a little on the lighter side recently, but it’s for a good reason! Through your replies and your conversations, I’m continually improving my understanding of your perspective and situation within the SuiteScript niche. Thank you to all of those who have replied or bravely joined a Zoom call with me to provide their insights; it has been enlightening and invaluable.

What does all this research mean for you? It means that I’ve been using it to design new ways to help you improve your SuiteScript operations. In light of that, I am officially announcing a few new ways we can interact and build saner, more sustainable SuiteScript practices together:

Workshop 1: Source Control for SuiteScript Teams

In April, I will be offering a Workshop aimed at helping you define or improve your SuiteScript Source Control process.

If you’re the DIY type, I’ve already got you covered with my free email course, and I’ve already published the specific strategy I use for my development projects.

But, if you – like many of the team leads I’ve talked to recently – have known for a while that it’s time to get your source control under control, but haven’t been able to do all of the research and learning and documenting it would take, then this will be the right place for you. This Workshop will present you with a structured decision framework for planning your own source control process (AHEM the same structure from the aforementioned email course AHEM), a chance for some peer-to-peer learning, as well as some group accountability, helping nudge you to take action.

At the end of the Workshop, you should have a complete plan for implementing source control for your SuiteScript team.

Workshop 2: Onboarding Your New SuiteScript Developers

In May, I will be offering a Workshop aimed at helping you define or improve your SuiteScript developer onboarding process.

Again for the DIY types, I have written a bunch about onboarding recently.

But again for those looking for a guided, structured approach and some professional peer pressure to ramp up your SuiteScript developers faster, this Workshop is intended to give you just that.

At the end of the Workshop, you should have a complete plan for onboarding your newly hired SuiteScript developers.

Both Workshops are comprised of a series of five one-hour video calls over a two-week period. At the beginning of the Workshop, I will lay out an overview of the entire decision framework. Before each call, I will provide a subset of the decisions along with supporting resources and information for you to study and begin formulating a plan that will best work for your team. On the calls, as a group we will discuss any questions, pros and cons of various approaches, and the reasoning behind the decisions we make. Each Workshop is limited to five attendees and costs $700.

Sustainable SuiteScript Community of Practice

Also beginning in April, I’ll be opening the Sustainable SuiteScript peer group for SuiteScript leadership. In the early stages, I intend this to be a small, private community of NetSuite development leaders who meet regularly to discuss and share their experiences, to exchange ideas, and to help each other work through the operational/business/emotional challenges of leading a SuiteScript practice.

Peer groups will be organized into small cohorts (five or so members) and will meet have one-hour group video calls every two weeks facilitated by me. There will also be tools and resources for communicating, sharing, and collaborating asynchronously across all cohorts as well. I aim to provide more structure and better resources than just another Slack group.

The big idea here is to bring together leaders from around the SuiteScript space for facilitated group learning and peer accountability. We’ll work together to raise the bar in SuiteScript engineering while simultaneously improving and growing our development practices.

The membership fee will be $900 per month. Profits from the fees will be reinvested into the community to grow it, add new tools or resources, and potentially bring in guest speakers.

If any of these sound interesting to you, or prompt any questions, hit REPLY and we’ll continue the conversation.



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