February 19, 2021

How do you determine fees for your NetSuite development work?

At the beginning of the week, I asked:

What is the absolute maximum hourly rate you can imagine a client paying for NetSuite development services?

In case you’re curious, the responses I got ranged from $40 to $500 per hour, with the majority at $200 or $250. There are of course myriad variables to consider that significantly impact one’s response to this question, and there are even more factors to consider if you’re the one paying the rate.

That is why – at the risk of disappointing you – I don’t have an answer to this question. There is no theoretical maximum hourly rate for NetSuite development services (or any other services). The only person who can determine a good rate for something is the buyernot the provider. There are, however, numerous practical limits on how much a buyer will pay for SuiteScript.

Because these factors and limits are so numerous, I could use a favor from you.

In an effort to better understand the pricing landscape of the SuiteScript space, I’m conducting a little casual research on how NetSuite developers and development firms determine their fees. By that, I mean I would love to have a conversation with you – either over email or Zoom – about questions like the following:

  • How do you charge for your development work?
  • What research do you do when determining your rates or fees?
  • What costs do you consider when determining rates or fees?
  • What other variables do you consider?
  • Do you ever discount or comp your rates?
  • How often do you raise your rates?

If you’d be willing to have a private conversation around these questions, just hit REPLY to let me know, and I’ll follow up.


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