When is the last time you hired someone without feeling rushed?

"It's impossible to find great netsuite developers"

  • Most are already gainfully employed
  • ... or working for themselves;
  • recruiters bring a wildly inconsistent set of candidates,
  • and the rest don't have the experience you need.

Building a NetSuite development team is hard. It can feel impossible to find the right talent for your business that already has NetSuite experience. The search is exhausting and risky.

Even if you get lucky enough to find an experienced NetSuite developer, you had better decide immediately whether they are as experienced as they say and whether they are the right fit for your team, because they certainly won't be on the market long.

Hiring is too crucial to rely on rushed snap decisions.

What if you didn't have to find great NetSuite developers? What if you could make them?

What if you could focus on finding the right people, then mold them into the NetSuite developers you need - all in-house, in a matter of weeks, without spending thousands on training courses for every new employee? A structured, intentional onboarding program can enable you to:

  • reduce developer churn,
  • increase team engagement, and
  • build your own team of rockstars,

but first:

You need a consistent onboarding program to set the tone

According to the onboarding study conducted by Kronos of 350 companies, longer onboarding programs are associated with stronger talent and business outcomes such as employee engagement, business reputation, quality hires, and the percentage of diverse hires. 

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Together, we can develop a plan to build one of the cornerstones of your successful, sustainable SuiteScript team -

a world-class Onboarding program.

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