Sane, Sustainable Software Development for Professional Services

The most effective software development teams in the world have reached the top by mastering key areas. These areas form the Pillars of a healthy and sustainable software practice:

  1. Focusing on People: identifying, hiring, onboarding, and retaining their best developers
  2. Cultivating Valuable Expertise: tightening their focus to solving the most critical problems of a narrow niche
  3. Enabling continuous learning: investing deeply in leveling up their teams and listening to feedback with intent to act
  4. Executing with Quality: consistently delivering impactful software with high standards by leveraging team conventions and automation

I help NetSuite development teams increase their profitability, their developer engagement and retention, and their technical prowess by advising them in embracing these practices. 

Generally the first step in that process is a complete SuiteScript Operations Diagnostic.

Through the Diagnostic, you'll get an objective, outside expert's perspective on your organizational strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in these five areas.

Diagnostics are structured as a series of week-long engagements; each week, we focus on a single specific area of your operation for a total of 5 weeks.

Each week is structured as:

  1. A 1-on-1 discovery conversation between you and I covering the focus area for the week - generally 90 minutes.
  2. A mix of 1-on-1 and team interviews with developers throughout the week - generally 15 - 30 minutes each. Typically team members will be far more candid with an outside observer than with their boss.
  3. A 1-on-1 review conversation between you and I  - generally 90 minutes - to discuss my observations and recommendations, which I will have compiled into a document and made available to you prior.

The focus topics for each week are:

  1. Current status of the organization, the vision for the team, and the major obstacles to achieving that vision
  2. Developer Hiring and Onboarding
  3. Developer Evaluation and Career Growth
  4. Software Lifecycle and DevOps
  5. Pricing and Positioning

All conversations are scheduled well in advance so as not to interfere with other work; I have no interest in surprising or distracting anyone. All developer feedback is anonymized and generalized by me. I do not record or report on individual private discussions unless that individual explicitly requests it.

Focused Diagnostic

1-Week Assessment of a single focus topic

$ 3,000

Self-driven diagnostic

Weekly 1-on-1 advisory conversations only

$ 1,800 / mo

For an overview of my services, see the Advisory Services one-sheet.

As these focus areas form the Pillars of a sane software practice, they also form the Pillars of the research and content I publish regularly on my daily Sustainable SuiteScript newsletter.

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