25% of all new hires turnover in their first year

Every time a developer leaves your team:

  • productivity grinds to a halt for emergency knowledge transfer
  • uncertainty increases among your clients and the rest of the team
  • your risk of even more turnover skyrockets
  • availability becomes unpredictable as missed deadlines cascade
  • you spend time and money finding a replacement
  • you spend even more time and money training the new hire

There is a more sane and sustainable way to run a SuiteScript team

My name is Eric T Grubaugh, and I advise leaders in the NetSuite space on building successful, sustainable SuiteScript practices, even when they can't find experienced NetSuite developers.

In the Sustainable SuiteScript program, I will advise you in building decision-making frameworks for how to:

  1. identify the right talent by establishing a smart, intentional process for vetting and hiring solid developer talent,
  2. reduce developer turnover by establishing an in-house onboarding program that will turn those solid developers into great NetSuite developers,
  3. deliver massive value to your clients faster by establishing efficient, effective processes that empower those great NetSuite developers, and
  4. increase developer engagement and expertise by continually raising the bar of technical knowledge and skills for your SuiteScript team.

Direct Access to Expert Advice

As a member of the program, you are entitled to 24/7 unlimited access directly to my advice, counsel, and coaching as you work to build a highly-effective, lasting SuiteScript practice.

Backed by my 100% Money-back Guarantee

If at any point in our first 30 days, you decide I am not delivering the expected value of this agreement based on our mutual conversations, I will refund your entire fee upon such notification.

Limited Availability

To ensure you get the focus and attention you need, I only accept three (3) Sustainable SuiteScript clients at any given time. Spots are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Ready to build your SuiteScript team?