If you’d like direct, personal, unlimited access to expert NetSuite advice, then my Strategic Advisory program might be right for you.

You might benefit significantly from collaborating with me on your NetSuite technical strategy, but first we should make sure there’s not somebody better for you. The critical elements of a good fit are your needs and your mindset.

Your Needs

Just Write the Code

If you already know exactly what you need done, and you just need a pair of hands to write the code for it, you will be much better served by NetSuite Professional Services, a NetSuite solution provider, or an independent SuiteScript developer.

Here are some high-quality developers I recommend:


If you need quick tech support to fix a bug or troubleshoot an issue, you will again be much better served by NetSuite Professional Services or any of the hundreds of NetSuite solution providers around the world.

I cannot recommend highly enough if you do not already have one, find a solution provider that you trust to do fast, quality work like this, or consider bringing on an internal NetSuite administrator and/or developer to handle such cases.

Your Mindset

If you’re just looking for assistance on quick fixes and small issues, or just a pair of hands to do exactly what you say, then I will yet again refer you back to NetSuite Professional Services or a NetSuite solution provider. I will only drive you to madness by repeatedly asking “Why?”, playing Devil’s Advocate, and treating you like my business partner, not like my employer.

My Strategic Advisory Program

Of course, if you are actually looking for a true partner in tackling your major initiatives and your technical strategy within NetSuite, then the Strategic Advisory program might be a great fit.

As part of this program, I can advise you:

  • how to significantly raise the technical knowledge and skills of your existing NetSuite staff
  • when to change NetSuite to fit your business, and when instead to change your business to fit NetSuite
  • how best to architect major initiatives and projects within NetSuite
  • when and how to hire a good contract NetSuite developer
  • when and how to bring a good NetSuite developer in-house
  • and much more.

As a member of the program, you are entitled to 24/7 unlimited access directly to my advice, counsel, and coaching for you. I give you my direct, private contact information exclusively for your use in this program.

To ensure that my advisory clients get the focus and attention they need and deserve, I only accept three advisory clients at any given time on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If at any point in our first 30 days, you decide I am not delivering the expected value of this agreement based on our mutual conversations, I will refund your entire fee upon such notification.

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