5 Optimization Patterns for Beginning NetSuite Developers


How many times has this error ruined your day (or maybe your week!) as a NetSuite developer?

You're not alone!

As a beginning NetSuite developer, it can be extremely difficult to understand why your SuiteScript isn't performing like you expect, and troubleshooting governance issues can be extraordinarily painful.

5 Optimization Patterns for Beginning NetSuite Developers is meant to help you learn to overcome a few of the most common performance issues when writing SuiteScript.

In just a few pages, you'll see:

  • Code-based examples of 5 mistakes that could be dragging down your SuiteScript performance, and how to correct them
  • How to maximize your usage of Lookups and Inline Editing in order to minimize governance usage and performance penalties
  • How to overcome the significant detrimental impact of logging on SuiteScript performance