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If you want to learn SuiteScript but don't know where to start, I can guide you to become a competent, confident NetSuite Developer.

Best 3 Resources for Learning SuiteScript

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Trying to learn SuiteScript all on your own can be a difficult and frustrating path.

  • Where do you even get started?
  • Where do you go next?
  • When are you done?

You've tried digging through mountains of Help documents only to find sparse, impractical, and even broken examples; this is no way to learn!

You've thought about NetSuite training, but it can be extremely expensive to pay for on your own, it moves at a pre-determined pace that doesn't allow for much interaction, and it only covers very simple, basic examples that do not represent the types of real-world customizations you'll need to build. After the trainer leaves, you're left to fend for yourself with little or no support.

There is a much clearer, less stressful path to becoming a NetSuite developer.

My name is Eric T Grubaugh, and I help NetSuite Administrators learn SuiteScript through interactive coaching and hands-on projects.Together, we focus on the foundational concepts of SuiteScript with hands-on scripting projects. We work at your pace to make sure you are fully confident in what you can do with SuiteScript, how to do it, and how it can be applied in your actual work.

Get Started Now

In just 15 minutes discussing your current comfort level with SuiteScript and the obstacles in your way, we can assess and decide on the best action for you to take next. After 15 minutes on the phone with me, you will:

  • Know exactly what topic you should study next and where you should go for that information
  • Understand the level of effort required to learn SuiteScript
  • Have a list of helpful resources for learning SuiteScript
Eric T Grubaugh of Stoic Software

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