September 26, 2017

Winter IS Coming

It’s getting a lot cooler here in the Rocky Mountains, which means the peaks will start getting covered in snow, and then shortly thereafter I’ll be covered in snow. It also means I am culturally obligated to bring up a Game of Thrones “winter” reference.

And that is exactly the reason I watch the show: Cultural Obligation. I don’t get any particular enjoyment out of the show, but I feel like I should be able to at least comprehend the words my friends are saying every Monday while it’s on.

Do you have that same feeling about SuiteScript? Like you can’t keep the terminology straight? Like there is so much going on you don’t know where to start? Like you just need one specific thing to focus on instead of everything?

This week I came across a Help page I hadn’t seen before that might help alleviate a little confusion after a bit of study: “SuiteScript 2.0 Terminology“. It’s a short glossary of some very common but important SuiteScript terms.

Lastly, if you ever see me using terminology you don’t understand, or there’s something I don’t explain clearly enough, call me out! Let me know about it so that I can help you and others better understand in the future.

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