Will learning SuiteScript get me a raise?

I receive a humbling amount of questions. Some are about specific SuiteScript functions, or something I said in a video.

Many of those questions are much larger, existential, career questions:

  • “Will learning SuiteScript get me a raise?”
  • “Should I stay in NetSuite or expand my career skills elsewhere?”
  • “I have a job offer, should I take it or stay where I am?”

I am truly honored and deeply grateful to those of you that put your trust and faith in me with such critical, personal questions.

However, you should know that I can’t actually answer those types of questions for you; no one can – no one except you. Your answers to those questions will vary wildly from another reader’s, which will vary wildly from mine, which also vary wildly from my students’ answers to those questions.

Everyone’s priorities, circumstances, and goals are different, and all of these combine to form your best answers.

Although I can’t give you a direct, simple answer, I am happy, excited, and honored to have such a conversation with you to explore those questions and find the answers for yourself. These are exactly the types of conversations my students and I have in my mentoring program.

If you’re considering a major career shift, whether it involves NetSuite or not, I highly recommend finding a mentor (or two!) who will help you reflect on your options. Find someone trustworthy, unbiased, who encourages you to think deeply about the questions, rather than spouts off a knee-jerk reaction.

Often times, a little outside perspective helps us introspect a little better, and the paths to our goals become much clearer.

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