September 13, 2020

What’s a “good” salary/wage?

Well that’s incredibly difficult to answer – but I’m glad you asked!

As with most things in a job search, what makes a “good” compensation package is entirely for you to decide. We all have different values and priorities, so we will all value a dollar or a day off differently than others.

Companies are no different and will value (and thus pay for) NetSuite development differently, as evidenced by the massive disparity in NetSuite developer salaries according to this quick Google search:


That said, there are a few tools out there to help you decide if you are receiving/offering a fair wage in the SuiteScript space.

Every year, Anderson Frank (no affiliation) performs and publishes a Salary Survey focused exclusively on NetSuite jobs. It breaks down recent jobs by role, location, and compensation.

Glassdoor (no affiliation) has a fairly good search tool that can help you narrow down companies with jobs by salary range and location.

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