June 28, 2017

What Fields Can I Use in my Search?

ve you memorized all 150 native record types and all their hundreds of fields, sublists, joins, filters, and columns yet?

I hope not. If you have, please write in and tell me how you did it; the mnemonic device for that would have to be insane!

I don’t have a good way of keeping all that information in your head, so instead, you’re much better served by getting really, really good with NetSuite’s Records Browser.

In case you’re not familiar, the Records Browser is NetSuite’s published schema for all of the native Fields, Sublists, Search Joins, Search Filters, and Search Columns available on each and every native Record Type. It tells you each field’s default UI label, its field type, its script internal ID, whether it is mandatory, and whether it is inline editable.

You need all of this information, and the know-how to apply it, in order to build effective searches in SuiteScript.

To brush up on how to use the Records Browser, I recommend you read through the following:

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