Transaction Searches Returning Duplicate Results

While we’re on the topic of Search Filters, Shane had this question today in my Coaching program :

Would you be able to help me here. I am looking at Item Fulfillments and displaying each item associated with it which in this case is 1 item. The problem I’m having is, when I create my search and loop through it, it is finding 3 that seem identical.

var mySearch = search.create({
    columns: ["tranid", "item", "quantity", "item.displayname","location", "item.itemid", "status", "entity", "statusRef"],
    filters: ["tranid", "is", "IF15"]
}).run().each(function (items) {
    return true;

Any idea?

Great question, Shane! Yes I do have an idea!

You’re seeing the seemingly identical results because of how Transaction Searches behave in NetSuite; in order to narrow down your results correctly, you’ll want to research and understand the mainline filter:

{"email":"Email address invalid","url":"Website address invalid","required":"Required field missing"}

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