November 14, 2020

SuiteScript Example – Rendering Query Results in a PDF

With the advent of Analytics Workbooks and the N/query module, NetSuite has also added a method for rendering your query results within your PDF templates. Let’s say you have a function to define your query, like so:

Notice we don’t actually run the query; we just create the Query instance. From there, we can leverage a TemplateRenderer from the N/render module and its addQuery() method, like so:

where ./custom-query.ftl (our custom template) contains a section like this:

The templateName we specify in addQuery() is the same variable name we use within our template to access the query results; in our example, that’s individuals. From there, we can loop through (#list) the results, and we access values from individual columns with Array indexes (e.g. ind[1]). The order of the columns in the template is the same order in which they were defined when we created the Query.

Combining all those components renders a PDF like so:



This is an example from the Rendering PDFs with SuiteScript Cookbook.

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