SuiteScript Deployment Tools

I’ve had a few people point out that instead of copying-pasting code into the file cabinet, you can actually upload code automatically with various tools.

With 2017.2, a whole new set of deployment tools are coming out of beta and into General Availability: the SuiteCloud Development Framework.

This is a tool that enables a new level of automation in SuiteScript deployment. Most custom objects, like record types and saved searches, get an XML descriptor file that can be placed under source control and deployed to any account.

In order to start taking advantage of this next level of automation, I highly recommend you start researching and reading about the SuiteCloud Development Framework in the NetSuite Help docs.

Since it’s still technically in beta, I have not done any videos as things are very likely to change, but once it has been stable for a few months, I certainly will introduce you to another significant portion of my NetSuite workflow.

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