June 15, 2020

SuiteScript 2.1 and WebStorm

Have you made the switch to SuiteScript 2.1 yet?

For those of you using WebStorm, I’ve just released an update to my WebStorm SuiteScript Templates.

New additions

  • Add SuiteScript 2.1 versions of all Script Type templates
  • Add support for localizationContextEnter and localizationContextExit Client Script entry points
  • Remove all @visibility and @function tags as they were unnecessary
  • Update README with new WebStorm config directory


  • Change @module to @type, enabling WebStorm to support code completion for custom modules
  • Place type descriptors in correct position

If you have started with 2.1, how is it going? If you haven’t, why not?

Either way, I can help! https://stoic.software/coaching/

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