SuiteScript 2.0 in the Dev Console

Previously I mentioned you can use your browser’s developer tools to test out SuiteScript directly in the browser. One of my coaching students asked:

“How do we use the chrome dev console without modules loaded in?”

Excellent question! In SuiteScript 2.0, we need to load in the modules we want to use. In our scripts, we would do this with the define function. In the console, it works exactly the same, except we use the require function instead:

require(["N/search"], function (s) {
    var mySearch = s.load({...});
    // ...

From within the callback function here, you can use console.log to print data to the browser console.

If you open the dev tools while editing a specific record, you can use the N/currentRecord module in your code to access fields on the current record.

require(["N/currentRecord"], function (cr) {
    var record = cr.get();
{"email":"Email address invalid","url":"Website address invalid","required":"Required field missing"}

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