Subrecord Sneak Peek

I’m wrapping up my preparation for recording the subrecord content today. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the code you’ll see. This is a User Event script that will automatically add the main Company address to every new Employee record:

function beforeSubmit(context) {
    log.audit({title: "Adding company address..."});

    addCompanyAddress(context.newRecord, getCompanyAddress());

    log.audit({title: "Company address added."});

function getCompanyAddress() {
    log.audit({title: "Retrieving company address..."});

    var companyInfo = config.load({
        type: config.Type.COMPANY_INFORMATION

    var companyAddress = companyInfo.getSubrecord({fieldId: "mainaddress"});

    return {
        addr1: companyAddress.getValue({fieldId: "addr1"}),
        addr2: companyAddress.getValue({fieldId: "addr2"}),
        addr3: companyAddress.getValue({fieldId: "addr3"}),
        city: companyAddress.getValue({fieldId: "city"}),
        country: companyAddress.getValue({fieldId: "country"}),
        state: companyAddress.getValue({fieldId: "state"}),
        zip: companyAddress.getValue({fieldId: "zip"})

function addCompanyAddress(rec, address) {
    log.audit({title: "Creating new subrecord..."});

    rec.insertLine({sublistId: "addressbook", line: 0});

    var newAddress = rec.getSublistSubrecord({
        sublistId: "addressbook",
        fieldId: "addressbookaddress",
        line: 0

    newAddress.setValue({fieldId: "country", value:});
    newAddress.setValue({fieldId: "state", value: address.state});
    newAddress.setValue({fieldId: "city", value:});
    newAddress.setValue({fieldId: "zip", value:});
    newAddress.setValue({fieldId: "addr1", value: address.addr1});
    newAddress.setValue({fieldId: "addr2", value: address.addr2});
    newAddress.setValue({fieldId: "addr3", value: address.addr3});

My challenge to you is to read/learn as much as you can from the code alone. What questions do you have? What is unclear from the code? Anything jump out at you?

{"email":"Email address invalid","url":"Website address invalid","required":"Required field missing"}

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