September 17, 2017

Using Stack Overflow for Learning SuiteScript

This is a sample lesson from my free email course on learning SuiteScript

Stack Overflow is a massive Q&A site used by the entire global programming community (not just JavaScript or SuiteScript developers). Anyone is able to post specific questions here, and community members are able to provide answers, add comments, and discuss solutions.

Stack Overflow is not a good place to ask general, conceptual questions like “Can someone explain how a User Event script works in NetSuite?”. It is intended for solving very specific technical issues. But that’s OK, because instead of using Stack Overflow to ask questions, we’re going to use it as a reference. We’re going to study other people’s SuiteScript questions, solutions, and discussions to improve our ability to read and comprehend SuiteScript.

You can browse all of the past questions tagged with “netsuite”.

By perusing through questions from the past, you can see what problems other SuiteScript developers were trying to solve, the code they wrote to try and solve that problem, and how others helped build a solution for the problem. This is an excellent repository of real-world examples that you can review and study to get more familiar with reading and understanding SuiteScript. Study them regularly to improve your SuiteScript-reading skills; even subscribe to the tag so new questions pop in to your inbox automatically.

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