Pragmatic Thinking and Learning

Today I bought a book from the Pragmatic Programmers that I’m very excited to read: Pragmatic Thinking and Learning

It’s been a while since I’ve dug into a Pragmatic book, and they’re always excellent.

Investing in both your problem-solving and critical thinking skills is crucial as a software developer. Far, far too often over in the NetSuite Professionals Slack or on the subreddit, I see people get completely befuddled by a reasonably clear error message, or who don’t even attempt to troubleshoot themselves. As soon as they see ERROR, they throw their hands up and find someone else to solve the problem.

While I’m 100% in support of finding help well before you smash your head against a wall for a few hours, it’s both necessary and valuable to develop a baseline of comprehension and troubleshooting patterns before you throw in the towel.



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