New schedule that will absolutely change

As I ramp back up to sending you all something that I hope is valuable every day on this mailing list, I’m considering a bit more structured approach to the week:

  1. MondayA SuiteScript Design Pattern – something bigger than just a tip or example that you can reflect on and experiment with during the week
  2. TuesdayA SuiteScript example – a smaller and more specific idea to use in your SuiteScript work
  3. WednedsaySuiteScript Career Development – reflections on improving something other than SuiteScript factoids to help you grow and rise in your career as a developer
  4. ThursdaySuiteScript Process Development – ideas and thoughts on the operations and process of software development in the context of SuiteScript (e.g. source control, project planning, automation)
  5. Friday“Elsewhere in SuiteScript” – I’ll spotlight useful articles, videos, and resources made by other people in the community. If you’ve got something to share, I’d love to feature it! You have to let me know about it, though =)
  6. Saturday: I’ll try my best to leave you alone. I make no promises, though.
  7. SundayThis Week in SuiteScript Coaching – I’ll continue to share the highlights of the Q&A that happens in my Group Coaching channel throughout the week.

I am a solo entrepreneur working from home with a toddler, so this schedule is approximately 1,000% guaranteed to change, but it should give you an idea of the content I’ll be delivering. I will also prioritize responses to any questions that you send to me directly, so keep them coming!

As always, any questions, comments, and constructive criticism are very welcome.

And to that end, for our “Elsewhere in SuiteScript” today, I recently came across this tutorial article from Luxent written back in January:

#LuxentTechTalk | Loading Custom Modules in SuiteScript 2.0 using @NAmdConfig

It looks like a nice companion article to my own video on SuiteScript Modules. While it doesn’t look like they publish often, they could be another source for you to follow for ideas and information.



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