New 2.0 functionality non-existent in 1.0

With this week’s theme of introducing SuiteScript 2.0, I wanted to briefly mention some brand new functionality 2.0 brings that is non-existent in 1.0.

Map/Reduce Scripts

2.0 introduces a brand new script type called “Map/Reduce” that can be used for faster bulk processing. This by far is my favorite feature of 2.0; no longer do I have to write Scheduled Scripts that keep track of what has been processed and monitors its own governance to reschedule itself. Map/Reduce scripts are an amazing replacement for bulk processing in Scheduled Scripts. They automatically utilize multiple queues to process data in parallel, and you rarely need to concern yourself with governance usage. Map/Reduce scripts will most certainly get their own week here on Effective SuiteScript some time in the future.


A very interesting module indeed that lets you establish secure FTP connections to external servers. You can then either upload to or download from the external server for file manipulation/storage in NetSuite.


This module specifically helps you manage calls to HTTPS endpoints while disallowing HTTP calls.


The N/util module is a handy utility module that adds some interesting tools. There’s an each method for array iteration, various type-checking methods, and an extend method for copying the properties from one object to another.

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