Locked doors

I found myself setting up shop in a Zappos co-working space near the conference floor a few times during SuiteWorld this year. The space was a large square, with glass walls all around, and a door on each corner.

The doors on the back wall were locked, and I was sitting between them. Over and over, I saw folks walk up and tug on the doors, ready to sit down and get some work done, only to be foiled by the deadbolt. Given the walls were glass, I would point them around to the one door that was open so that they could give their conference feet a break and try to be at least a little productive in Las Vegas.

This oddly struck me as an allegory to what I do every day. You know you want (or need) to learn SuiteScript. You can clearly see NetSuite developers through the glass walls, being productive and creating great things with SuiteScript. But there are tons of doorways that potentially lead to that space. Some of these doors are locked. Some of them are open but only lead to dead ends. Some of them don’t even lead to the right room. It’s far too easy to get lost, stuck, and frustrated.

But here I am, already inside the room. I know which doors to walk through, which doors to avoid, and which turns to take. And that means I can guide you in here, too.

If you know learning SuiteScript is the right path for you, but you just don’t know which doors will actually lead you there, my coaching programs might be for you.

If you’re not even sure whether SuiteScript is a viable path for you, just hit reply and let’s discuss your goals and concerns.


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