Get to Know Your Console

The Developer Console is a trusty sidekick that no SuiteScript developer should be without.

Whether you need to explore some critical behaviour in one of your Scripts, or just want to experiment with some JavaScript or SuiteScript, the Developer Console will help you do it quickly. It’s a really handy tool for watching how SuiteScript behaves in real-time.

Every browser provides a Developer Console, but each does things a little differently. As with many of the concepts we discuss here, it can take a little time to really get to know the ins and outs of your Developer Console. Luckily, each major browser provides a healthy amount of documentation and tutorials for its Developer tools:

Use some of your regular SuiteScript study time to tinker with the APIs you’re learning in the Developer Console. This will help you understand and retain more about the API you’re studying while simultaneously getting you intimately familiar with the Console.

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