Welcome to the Sustainable SuiteScript community! I'm excited to guide you along your SuiteScript journey.

Before you get started, please read closely the Code of Conduct, which outlines my expectations for everyone in this community, including myself.


You should be receiving a separate email invitation to the private Slack community shortly.

Once you're in Slack, you'll be automatically added to the following channels:

  • #group-coaching - The main channel dedicated to SuiteScript Q&A
  • #introduce-yourself - Tell us a little about yourself! Learn about the people you're learning alongside.
  • #wins - For sharing SuiteScript victories, big and small
  • #suggestions - For ideas to improve the community for all
  • #announcements - For community-wide news

The primary goal of the community is to learn and advance our collective SuiteScript knowledge. To that end, please send any SuiteScript questions and ideas to the #group-coaching channel so that other students may participate in and benefit from the discussion as well.


I've also got a ton of resources to share with you. Take your time going through them as there's a lot to unpack here.

  • Over the years, I've created a ton of free SuiteScript content; you can find a summary of all that content here.
  • As you may know, SuiteScript is 100% JavaScript, so the better foundation you have in JavaScript, the better SuiteScript developer you will become. I recommend all my students sign up for Free Code Camp and complete their Algorithms and Data Structures curriculum. As the name implies, it's totally free, and they have HUNDREDS OF HOURS of examples and lessons to get you writing JavaScript confidently from scratch. There's nothing NetSuite specific there, but I assure you that learning JavaScript IS learning SuiteScript.
  • The Mozilla Developer Network is my go-to JavaScript reference manual. It also contains many freely available tutorials and examples.
  • Matt Dahse - one of my former colleagues - and Alien Torres - one of my former students - have written a NetSuite Customization book that focuses on SuiteScript: https://leanpub.com/netsuitedevelopmentandcustomization. This is a great resource for learning about SuiteScript; there aren't many better developers to learn from (I am not compensated in any way if you do decide to buy this; I simply know both of these gentlemen are phenomenally knowledgeable NetSuite developers).
  • NetSuite directly offers many training courses for users and developers alike; you can find all of their offerings here: http://www.netsuite.com/portal/services/training/course-finder.shtml. You can find relevant courses by filtering for the "Application Developer" role there. The going rate is about $800 per day, which is prohibitive for most, but I want you to be aware of your options.


Welcome again, and I can't wait to help you become a competent, confident NetSuite developer.