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Want your SuiteScript reviewed?

Created: December 7, 2018

One of the best ways to learn and improve your code is to have someone else review it and discuss it with you. Code review is an essential part to your skill development and career growth.

Unfortunately, too often in the NetSuite world, we don't have the luxury of a team; we're completely alone in our organization, so we have no one around to conduct reviews. That means we code in a vacuum; no one sees it, and we never get any feedback on it. How do we know if it's "good" code? Is there a better, faster, simpler way to solve the problem at hand? That critical feedback loop never gets closed.

If you're one of those lonely SuiteScript developers, and you've got some code you'd like reviewed, I'd love to help close that loop for you!

I'm now accepting submissions for my next SuiteScript Teardown video. If you have a NetSuite script you'd like me to review, email me, send me the code, and I'll follow up with you.

The catch, of course, is that I'll be recording my thoughts on your code and publishing them in a video on the interwebs so that everyone can benefit from the same code review.

Sound scary? I understand; it can definitely be unnerving to share our work, but I promise it's not as mean or terrifying as it sounds. Here's an example of a Teardown I did previously. It's over an hour of my advice for improving real-world code written by a fellow reader just like you.