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The Weeds are Winning

Created: June 8, 2017

My wife has picked up gardening as a hobby this year. She's planted flowers and shrubs brightening up the yard, and a good-sized vegetable/herb garden. The plants are loving the northern Colorado sunshine. It's been a huge learning curve for the both of us, but one thing we learned right away:


The Weeds are Winning.

Turns out weeds ALSO love the northern Colorado sunshine. Huh.

I have exactly the opposite of a green thumb, so the only job I'm qualified for in this gardening endeavor is Weed Control Specialist. Last week, I was locked away in my office writing the Basic Searching in SuiteScript cookbook. I neglected the weeds, and this was the result:


Everything that's not brown outside the chicken wire is weeds, including everything around the shed in the background. I swear it was completely clear seven days ago.

For me this reinforced a lesson I seem to have to learn over and over in my life:

Daily habits are crucial for improvement.

When we're working towards long-term goals, it's often far too easy to get caught up and distracted by the immediate things. Boss A needs something right now! Client D wants that new feature yesterday! The weeds aren't going to pull themselves!

The same will be true for you as you continue learning and improving your SuiteScript skills. There will always be something more pressing, more immediate, more urgent, and that's OK. However, to truly become a competent, confident SuiteScript developer, I encourage you to carve out regular and consistent time to study, experiment, ask, or create with SuiteScript.

Strive to learn something new every single day, however small, and take some time every once in a while to reflect on how far you've come. You'll be amazed at what you can do.