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The Struggle is Real

Created: September 19, 2017

Even experts struggle with NetSuite and SuiteScript at times.

I've been writing SuiteScript for quite a while now (over 5 years), and yet, I haven't sent you a video this week because I cannot get the example I wanted to show you to work the way I want. There are certain lists that aren't accessible by SuiteScript, and there are a few functionalities missing that I will need to build myself, all combining to make it difficult to teach this example to you well.

(sad trombone) I'm not crying about this to get your sympathy. I simply want to set your expectation that SuiteScript is TOUGH. There will be days (weeks?) where nothing goes the way you want it to, where SuiteScript isn't capable of doing what you need, where there's a bug in NetSuite's API that you'll have to simply wait on or bypass. Whether you're brand new to SuiteScript, or an old dog like me, things won't always go well.

When they don't go well, you can either stand your ground like a boulder in the flowing river that is SuiteScript, clashing against the water every day as it gradually wears you down. Or, you can float like driftwood and simply go where the river takes you.

This week, I am choosing the driftwood approach and simply selecting a new example to show you. This means it will be a bit later in the week that I release the video, and I do apologize for that, but I will get one out to you.