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The Resistance

Created: August 31, 2017

Most of us (humans) are terrified of the unknown.

It can be incredibly difficult and scary to make decisions when we aren't quite sure what the outcome will be. When we encounter such decisions, we tend to put them off as much as possible, for literally any reason we can think of.

I've heard this called "The Resistance" or "The Fear".

Lately, I've been experiencing a significant amount of this Resistance as I try to open up a new side of my business. I am putting off simple but important work because I'm not quite sure it'll get me to the right place.

However, if I take a few minutes to reflect on that, I already know for sure that doing nothing, staying where I am, will not get me to the right place. Making literally any decision, taking any action, will be better for me than making no decision or taking no action.

The same is true while you're learning SuiteScript - or any new skill. Doing something will always get you further than doing nothing, even if that something isn't exactly the perfectly optimal course of action.