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The Tenets of Sustainable SuiteScript Leaders

Created: February 12, 2021

Previously I shared my Pillars of a Sustainable Software Practice in the professional services space.

Each of those Pillars is formed from beliefs and behaviours shared by the leaders of such teams.

Invest in your people first

  • We define success with employee engagement and repeat clients.
  • We work reasonable, predictable hours and take regular vacations.
  • We do not negotiate salaries because we pay top dollar and publish such.
  • We hire to expand our perspectives and our capabilities, not only our capacity.

Cultivate valuable, visible, accessible expertise

  • We develop deep, unique, valuable expertise, and we share it generously.
  • We measure growth with profitability, not revenue or head count.
  • We charge fees appropriate for the value of the outcomes we deliver; we do not bill for the hours we put in.
  • We allow our leaders to focus on enabling their team instead of working inside it.

Question and learn continuously

  • We enable, encourage, and thrive on frequent feedback.
  • We invest continually in the personal and professional development of our teams.
  • We create new leaders, not new technicians.

Be intentional and habitual in delivering value

  • We do not agree to deadlines before a project starts.
  • We debate, decide, and document our conventions, then we automate them.
  • We diversify our services beyond writing code.
  • We advise, consult, and build; we do not take orders.