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Created: July 7, 2017

I'll admit it: I am EASILY distracted.

I would really love to come up with a completely credible, worthwhile excuse for not showing up in your inbox yesterday, but I do not have one, and it's irrelevant. I will simply apologize for not writing you with a helpful tip or resource yesterday.

The bottom line is that I got distracted by a project, a problem that a student was having, and probably a few other things because I let my mind wander.

How often do you let competing priorities take precedence over learning? Many of you are juggling your normal job responsibilities, your clients, your personal life, and oh by the way trying to learn this brand new skill in SuiteScript.

I advocate that you explicitly block out time on your calendar specifically for learning, reading, or practicing SuiteScript. Sometimes, something comes up during that time, or you just don't feel like it, or you forget.

Does that mean you've failed? Not even a little bit!

Should you be embarrassed? No way!

Learning a new skill is a long-term play; conflicts are going to arise, motivation will wax and wane. It will happen, but you can't let those interruptions get you down. At some point, if you truly do want/need to learn SuiteScript, you will have to choose learning as the top priority. It can't always be the thing that gets shoved to the side, or it will never happen.

If you need someone poking and prodding you to keep learning near the top of your list, my Coaching program will keep you on track.

Recall this week we're talking about Search Filters, and for today's tip I want to emphasize the fact that the Filters you place on a Search in SuiteScript are simply a standard JavaScript Array.

I repeatedly see questions like "How do I add/remove/change the Filters on this Search?". The very simple answer is: "Like you would add/remove/change the elements of any other typical Array."

Now perhaps that's a little trite; if you're not familiar with Array manipulation, here are many excellent modules from freeCodeCamp on the various ways you can manipulate Arrays, and could be applied to manipulating your Search's filters property:

That's quite a lot of exercises, but will arm you with some great tools for manipulating your Search Filters and any other Arrays you might use in SuiteScript (say, Search Columns or Search Results!).