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Sneaky Performance Details

Created: August 17, 2017

NetSuite is really good at hiding things.

It's good at hiding obviously important things, like "What is my YoY profitability for these product groups?"

It's also good at hiding more subtle, but still useful, information.

When you're troubleshooting slow loading/saving times for a particular record, it would be really helpful to know at what point the bottleneck(s) occur. Is it on the server-side or the client-side? Is it coming from a workflow or a script? Is it just a slow network connection?

NetSuite actually tracks and displays this information in a place that is _basically impossible_to find on your own.

First, perform the action you're trying to diagnose. So, if you're investigating slow loading time when editing a Sales Order, then find a Sales Order and click Edit.

Once the page loads,_double-click_on everyone's favorite Oracle | NetSuite logo at the top left. This will open the "Performance Details" dialog.


And there you have an informative breakdown telling you what took so long for your page to load.