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Reading Newsletters for Fun and Profit

Created: February 7, 2021

Reading is a daily priority for me. It's the most effective way for me to learn, find inspiration, and expand my perspective. I have habitual time slots for reading newsletters (first thing in the morning, with my black coffee) and reading for enjoyment (right after my child goes to bed).

That evening time slot is for anything that catches my interest at the time ( currently the collected writings of Alexander Hamilton and The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker). The morning slot, however, is almost exclusively reserved for email newsletters - both personal and professional. I find email to be a high-value channel for professional content (hence this newsletter appearing in your inbox).

Unfortunately, I don't know about any NetSuite- or SuiteScript-specific newsletters; otherwise, I'd happily pass those along to you, and please tell me if you know of any!

Still, despite their lack of SuiteScript content, you may find some of these newsletters interesting or applicable to your business or your SuiteScript team:

I'm relatively new to the following lists and still evaluating them:

What newsletters am I missing out on?