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Do you send new hires their paperwork before they start?

Created: January 14, 2021

Nothing stymies all the excitement of the first day on a new job faster than a gigantic mass of paperwork. All too often, the first day is just form after form after form after form aftr from afr fmor.

What a waste of a first impression. Make your first day more engaging by being able to answer Yes to the third of our 11 Questions to a Better Developer Onboarding Program:

Do you send new hires their paperwork before they start?

After you've excitedly acknowledged their offer acceptance, but well before their first day, send your new hire some or all of the relevant paperwork via email. Let them know they can gradually complete it leading up to their first day.

Keep track of any questions that come up regarding the paperwork, along with the answers, in an FAQ document; share the FAQ with new hires whenever you send their paperwork. Additionally, send them the contact information for any relevant HR or management personnel that can help.

If you're not already paperless wherever possible in your HR processes, the Onboarding program is a good place to begin exploring that option. There are approximately 3,720 products/services that can help you achieve this. The only thing worse than being handed a stack of documents to sign is having to print then scan those documents yourself.

Avoid the deluge. Filling out paperwork is dull and mechanical. Automate the mechanical aspects of Onboarding; amplify the relationship aspects.