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Moar Keyboard Shortcuts!

Created: July 25, 2017

I'd destroy my mouse and use only the keyboard if it were feasible.

While we're on the topic of efficiency and productivity this week, I love keyboard shortcuts and try to take advantage of them whenever possible.

NetSuite actually has dozens of useful keyboard shortcuts to help with everything from navigation to filling in Date fields.

I highly recommend you check out the Help page "Using Keyboard Shortcuts" for the full list, but here's a nice sample of what you can do with Date fields alone:

  • Press Shift+T to enter tomorrow's date.
  • Press p to enter the end of the current period (if you use accounting periods).
  • Press l (lower case L) to enter the end of the previous period (if you use accounting periods).
  • Press t to enter today's date.
  • Press y to enter yesterday's date.
  • Press m to enter the last day of the month.
  • Press the Plus Sign (+) to increase one day.
  • Press the Minus Sign (-) to decrease one day.