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Building an Effective SuiteScript Team

Created: June 26, 2020

Software development is HARD, and SuiteScript is no exception.

Great people are difficult to find and train, projects are difficult to keep on track, and SuiteScript is generally unruly. There is no shortage of obstacles to building an effective, efficient SuiteScript team. Whether you're trying to publish SuiteApps or creating a development services team, there are a ton of challenges and pitfalls in your future.

Some time ago, I put together this video series with some stories from my past and my advice on tackling these challenges head-on. Sorry, but these are unavoidable challenges; every successful team, SuiteScript or not, must face and conquer them to survive.

If you're looking to build a SuiteScript team, or currently struggling to do so, I hope this series helps provide you with some inspiration and some preparedness for what you'll face and how to overcome it. If you need more targeted, personalized advice, I can help you build your successful development team through my consulting services.